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like a demon in my own head.

this may be a little bit women in refrigerators of me to say, but i think black adam could kick supergirl's ass. for example, while i'm not one to accept precedent in comics as canon (how could i!?), last week in 52 he sure let power girl know the score. which i mean to use as code to avoid talking about my messy skull & the bloody, eggy goop all scrambled inside. not that i'm more of a wreck than usual, but just still in the loop of bile & acid i got into when jenny was in arizona. you know, holes burned in my abdomen from the inside out. spiced with a healthy dose of resentment! not having gotten a chance to spend any quality time with jenny, or at least, not enough for my needy ass, i still havn't unclenched. just want to be pound against the wall repeatedly, to shake & topple pillars. last night's bar-b-que with andrew was a pretty awesome idea, except for the part where i got a summons for having an open container, & then jenny got pissed at me (which makes sense, because it is for her birthday, but i didn't realize that till she said something). i don't know, i liked the bar-b-que in the park plan because it was a way to fill up time till she got home, which was really what i was doing, waiting for her. but she went over carla's after her class, instead, which was, whatever, crap. the mordicai + andrew versus jenny + carla is, it turns out, not the kind of stress i'm into right now! no versus! team-up! it's all about the team-up! anyhow, jenny IS legitimately busy, & pretty much while i'm entitled to feel gyped by the memorial day shut-out, i'm not into the whole passo-aggro thing i've been pulling. i miss her so i'm going to make her miserable so she doesn't want to hang out? that doesn't make any kind of fucking sense! shape up, puke ball!

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