mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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you are all trying to trick me into not flushing the toilet. not really a mess right now. how dissapointing! i'm actually kind of sleepy & looking forward to jenny coming home tomorrow. i cancelled my sunday game on account of a) her grandmother has perished, & b) bernard's brother will be guest starring in two weeks. mostly though for selfish reasons. if i only get her for a day or so when she comes back, i want to milk it. sometimes i wonder if true love mostly consists of denying codependency, or if true love is something more, (though i do not doubt it is something i experiance). i mean, waiting for jenny is obviously a mess for me, & the average joe schmoe should be able to handle a fucking week away from his loved one.

um, also, dammit aaron. i know we lived together for two years, but give me back my portishead cd! dammit! aaron is the normalist kid in the world. well, maybe not, since he is all smart & open minded & shit. he's more like the kid you wished came out of middle america. sure, he's a king wasp, but he's all canny about it. anyhow, that asshole stole my cd!

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