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lets have a little more god damnned desperation!

who could have known that a shark could drink so much vodka! he was like a true dracula bat, supping from the grail! i was proud him, & in a lot of ways, it was the greatest moment of the year. anyhow, the past few weeks have been making me rethink my position on the future of the human race. viewing it with less disdain than previously. its just that i can see a value to the posthumans in keeping them around. i mean, the precedent is set, with mitochondria & all manner of other symbiotes. of course, then when i start thinking of that bussiness, i just start imagining people evolving into greys. thats usually when i put down my glass & leave the bar! i've had enough when time travelling aliens come into it. besides, i have a different place for the greys, in my heart. or at least the caveman greys. perfectly clearly. i don't know, if i talk about robots & aliens, will the lacunae be too obvious? because obviously, what i'm really doing is not talking about angels. about the dark spiral shapes that are scattered helter-skelter in the fleshy mass of my brain, black fossils of what we were. scary secrets harum-scarum about on scuttling feet, in & out of the nodules & growths, skitter-scatter. tapping on the vaults of my heart with tiny hammers, dulcimering some loneliness out of nothing.

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