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what time of the year is it kids? thats right, halloween! when all the ghouls come out to play. pick up your jack-o-lantern & hide your razor blade in yon apple! verily it is that merry season when all things laid to rest come back to grasp at your throat, to choke & press. to bury you in the execrated dirt of carthage & drown you in the neva river. to hide bombs beneath our bedsheets! to winnow the chafe & delve into tomes long since forgotten. to write upon these pages once drizzled with blood & ink. how we did pour then! & when we take this dagger to brow, will bleed again, will free our crown & the 40,000 blackbirds baked inside. but once more into the breech must we go, with soiled pistols, begging to be cleaned. but frankly i don't have much hope for the last charge of the dark brigade, not until the last trump, at which point we will sweep the board. which is some small comfort, but everybody knows that it is these last few years until the end of the world that i am having trouble with. especially when all you small children conspire to take my crutches away from me! hellfire & brimstone!

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