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went out to half-priced indian with tom, & then afterwords decided that i hate everyone i know & don't want to call them. or at least my usual haunts. ghost ghost get out of here! i havn't been bored until recently; i keep thinking that maybe i'll go to the park to play some gameboy! that sounds like something i could enjoy doing as a time waster. since my life is a hollow shell. lets post what i wrote last night & decided not to send!

"its just fucking hillarious how quickly the drinks can disappear. which isn't even to say that they are being pounded away! just slipping into crannies & nooks. motherfuckers need to understand that there is a big bender hiding in the eves! like jesus sneaking about backstage at armageddon! even now! there is no escaping it, if there is one thing gene wolfe taught me it is that there is no escaping the wreckage (& that jesus is a time travelling torturer). & the more i squint at the computer screen the more i'm pretty sure i see another dying sun reflected from overhead. & then she tells me she's going to make her macaroni & cheese while she's gone."

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