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Today as I walked back & forth across campus, I kept crossing the corpse of the flattest mouse. ("What's your angle Mordicai?" Cutting you, cutting your face, cutting your crotch, cutting you wife. "But I don't have a wife Mordicai." I didn't mean all at once!) The Flattest Mouse Ever looked like it hadn't even properly died before being stomped into a pancake-- over the course of the day It got progressively more & more walked on, with little tread patterns appearing & then dissapearing. The last time I saw it was when I was walking back from Di Fara, which is supposedly literally the best pizza in New York. I found out that my expectations for it's distance were horribly under-rated. It took me a saga & an age to get there, barely escaping from a gated community, & then by the time I got back, it was cold. I'd do it again though! Only I'd take the Q, which goes right there. Which, duh. Otherwise, things have been the cold ebb & flow of the usual. Jenny came home drunk last night & was all cold & mean for no good reason, so I hope she's nice to me today to make up for it. Spent yesterday evening watching television with David, & told him about our plan to have Paris Hilton force a lion to go down on her while she stares at the camera & says "I am the New Aristocracy," & how that is the best plan of all day. Tonight I guess to go see Guns On High Street play?

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