mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

so apparently i'm still pretty much unclear on what emotions are. it wasn't that i was in a bad mood all weekend, no, it wasn't that at all. i was just sick, & apparantly i should be able to distinguish between the two, not just physically but also catagorically. i still don't understand how the two are not the same, i guess. doesn't a stomach ache equate to sad? isn't that how it is supposed to feel? i'm just confused. but now my body just sits in revolt, the kingdom in ruins. i borrowed a bunch of magazines from mike yesterday, so maybe i'll sit in bed all day reading them. that sounds like appropriate sick day behaviour i think? i definately remember staying home from school & reading comic books last time i was sick. man-thing saved a couple of innocent swamp people from the ghosts of a chain-gang of slaves, i remember that very clearly. also, iron man was keeping his magical suit of armor in a briefcase, all folded up like silken panties. & i think the human bomb was in another dimension, where the nazis had won. today i have consumed beef teriyaki noodles & chamomile tea, as well as two mysterious yellow pills that jenny insisted i take. they had no "eat me" words on them, & i did not shrink to the size of a toadstool. woe is me. i do not enjoy this parasitic infection, & would truely like to send it away unto the aether. so i will remain hydrated, & if there is a fire i will "stop, drop, & roll." dick van dyke is with me in my hour of need. if my shoulders were not so sore, i would unplug this computer perhaps & take it into the bedroom to sit upon my lap. i know what ails me, sadly. michael j. fox spoke of it not long ago! since i have trouble swallowing, i must have parkinsons. i saw an x-ray.

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