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skeletons, skellingtons, skeletors! lend me your "ears." so tonight we found out that sarah won best director at that film festival. versus 50 films, of which not all of them were terrible, i think that is a coup to be proud of; it is certainly coat-tails & top-hats! otherwise i've just been drinking this small, perfect ammount of wine, see. there was a scientific research program about it. now there is a reference a lot of people won't get! see, kuhn invented the word "paradigm" for use in the philosophy of science, & then was subsequently pissed that word was co-opted by coffee klatches & hippies. so he rewrote his article in an akward fashion! good for him. kudos to the men of earth! men who have split the atom. daily you draw closer to my hour. i want to rap on the table like the ghost at a medium's session! knock knock, mother fuckers. i told you my hour was at hand. i fucking told you so. but maybe you couldn't hear me with my mouth around the barrel of a gun. don't mind me. this is just how the game is played. almost in reverse. we start with me in check-mate & then we move pieces around until all hell breaks loose.

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