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the rage & darkness keeps tugging at the heart-strings, of course. & jenny is sulking in the bedroom. spent today sort of floating on the surface tension of the water, never really dipping below, though i promised myself i would. picked up a belated birthday present at the post office; nineof26 had gotten me a collection of borg themed star trek episodes. at the very least i am glad to own "q who" & "best of both worlds," though the voyager stuff i find pretty sickening. then later half-priced indian with gerd, then we walked all over prospect park. i'll show that manhattan boy a better borough! we went all around, to the boat house, the gates of the botanical garden (without going in), & all around. there was a big half-fallen tree that i desperately wanted to knock-down, & i made some headway, but it was cradled well in the canopy. if gerd had fucking helped, i could have done it! now i'm eating the rest of the dinner i made. these days, i'm all about a salad & a glass of wine. over & over. blaring in the backround is oceans twelve, & here i go, coach, here i go! dante is coming over tommorow bright & early to shoot some more footage for his short film. i wonder if the foam of the surf will have cleared away by then?

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