mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

so i've been wanting to read the book jenny's been dragging around with her, carnivorous nights: on the trail of the tasmanian tiger for a little while now, on account of how i'm interested in the thylacine. i'll admit that the "lets find a living thylacine!" premise struck me as a little bit hackney'ed'ly cryptozoological, but hey, it also has some weird art thing going on with it. anyhow, she didn't take it with her today, on account of trying to avoid setting off alarms in other libraries when she went to her meeting, so i grabbed it & started reading it on the train ride to work. i'll tell you what, i'm pretty strongly dissapointed. firstly, for nature journalists, they seem a little bit...fucking dumb. i mean, i'm no great scholar of this shit & the shit that amazes them is stuff i've been aware of since i was a wee m. as should be anyone who has ever even been to a zoo! also, it is weird to be, you know, more or less caught up with their research before they left for their trip to tasmania! they mention seeing a particular film of the tasmanian tiger, & well, hasn't everyone seen these by now? that isn't fucking research. you want to know how fucking stupid these folks are? they are SURPRISED to learn that not only do they speak english in tasmania, but it is part of australia! who could have known! i'm not making this shit up. then they, of course, get all predicatably sad-faced about stuff. let me preface this by saying that i'm all about conservation of cool animals, but don't get all "oh, evil europeans!" without considering the facts. like the fact that all the weird crazy shit that lives in australia is only so fucking weird because it is an island apart. it wasn't malicious intent that caused the extinction of so much shit in australia, so much as the fact that placental mammals will kick the ever-living stuffing out of marsupials 99 times out of 100. so don't get your fucking uppity tone with me, jerks. also, just there was a snarky comment where they were talking about all the environmental wickedness purportated by europeans, like planting non-native crops, chopping down trees, & stopping fires set by the aborigines. we only like our environmental impact when they are done by non-white people! heck, if those abos wanna start fires to keep the forest cycle trapped in the grasslands phase in order to hunt & gater, fine, but if the white people try to keep the woodland cycle trapped in a grasslands phase in order to farm, well then they are fucking satanic supremicists who wish only to destroy mother nature. oh, i don't fucking know. i'm only on page 41, but they've also been all "holy shit, cloning!" & just pissing me off. they arn't totally repugnantly bad, insofar as they at least have the decency to mention when the scientists are like "um, it actually isn't like we'll be cloning whatever we want willy-nilly in 20 years. that is science fiction." & then keep reminding us that their flights of fancy are at least science fiction. its just, i don't know. i was hoping it would be better than it is.

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