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i have more respect for people who will concede a game than those who will play it through to its bitter conclusion. it is far more to my liking to have someone tip their king over rather than waste everyone's time by indulging in a cat & mouse chase across the board with no hope of winning. this came up last night because after jenny's premiere, we went out to the blue & gold for some drinks, & upon my whim (my very whim!) christopher & i played chess. we couldn't remember the rules for en passant between the lot of us, but in the end, it didn't matter.

jenny's premeire was almost a terrible disaster, but a success instead! christopher, david, & dante all came with me, & while we were there, i was on the phone with jenny. "should i buy a ticket for you? yes? tickets for all your friends? i don't have enough money! never mind? okay! not buying any? yes? okay. it looks pretty empty, you should be fine." though then...they almost weren't fine! but in the end, everyone got seats okay-- kira & jodi slipped in at the last moment, & simon ended up flying under the radar entirely! he had shaved his goatee (or overgrown van dyke?) & everyone was confused. his usual appearance has now been dubbed "like satan in an 80s movie." also, sarah's boyfriend david was there, & he wore on my nerves a lot less than usual. maybe it was because only he laughed at my one joke.

here are brief reviews of the films:

starring clarissa the teenaged witch's little sister, also directed by melissa joan hart. it wasn't good or bad, but i guess that is to be expected. someone said it watched like the pilot of a teen drama, but that isn't true neccisarily. i think it had a weird mishmash of production values, too. i don't know, it was also the first film, so it is difficult to compare it to what came after words.

i'm all about quoting "someone" here, i guess; "someone" said this movie is an impressive example of what someone can do on their mac. maybe it was david, because he also said the movie was more "impressive" than "good." & true, it wasn't any great shakes in the plot, but it was awfully interesting looking. the psychedelia here i thought made it a good entry in a short film festival- i'd probably rate it over similar contenders (see below).

fairy tale follies
not enough laughing at the parts i think are funny, audiance! but i guess they found the credits to be entertaining. i think seeing it on the big screen confirmed my suspicions that the drama-ending is too long, & that the hollywood boulevard (blvd.) sequence is...lacking something. though neil's walk on got a big laugh. this is the movie that i've heard my friend's most quote, so i think that is something. if there is a "comedy" catagory, i think it might loose to the threat from behind, but only because that had more "big laughs" slapstick.

the chase
i'm very, very glad that simon took this as a parody. it was unbelievably crummy...unless it actually was a parody. a very, very straightly played parody of those bayerische motoren werke/bavarian motor works (bmw) films. i...i have a hard time beliving this was a joke, but an equally hard time believing that it was serious. i'm torn!

madam marina
oh south america. you're so charming! your attempts to make serious cinema come out looking like cinemax porn. this was apparantly a one act play filmed for the screen. it was...a hillariously collasal mistake. literally hillarious.

attack of the bride monster
we were talking about this one on the train ride home, whether it was a serious indictment of marriage (in which case, it was too preachy & thus terrible) or a funny movie about the craziness in the gay community over gay marriage (in which case, it was okay). i think that all the lines are said "in character," & not directed at the audiance, thus holding to the latter opinion.

the threat from behind
i have a worry that i talk too much shit about this one. it isn't that i didn't like it or find it funny, just that i didn't think it was as uproariously funny as the rest of the audiance did. i respect them for taking the joke too far, but i really don't think this is much more than a well concieved & well executed new york university (nyu) student film.

i didn't actually watch this as a film, but as an exercise in animation. it was pretty crappy though. i made a joke about it & only david (sarah's boyfriend) thought it was funny. so. um. otherwise it was a movie about an old guy...who...likes smelling flowers. & then dies & grows into a flower.

dear, sweet emma
the scene animation is pretty damn impressive, & it looks like somebody put a whole lot of effort into the bluebird animation, but emma herself looked a little bit like the penultimate rendering. but what the fuck do i know about computer animation. the story was cute & pithy, but really more of an excuse to show off the guy's skill & tonal preference. on those scores, it succeeded, but i thought the colours & style of cherie were better.

a kiss on the nose
well acted, but widely acknowledged as being boring & pointless! i liked it for not going for the cut-throat cliches & for not being as cheap as it could have been, which are terrible reasons to like something, so in fact, i didn't like it that much for those reasons. the dad & the daughter & the step mother were all really well acted, though. i don't know how i know it, i just do!

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