mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

pin these on your wall, serial killers.

did you know that the thing in vampire bat saliva that prevents clotting is called draculin? (chipotle)

Zombies are a Force that Give Us Meaning. (asian pub)

carla & me are cover girls. (burp castle)

sizing up the burrito...

...& attacking. this was the chipotle on st. (saint) marks, which has better tables than the 8th street (st) one.

jenny is hard as blood, b. she's teaching carla the ropes.

easter egg water! with denuded m&ms.

i'm a wizard!

some of the oft mentioned gratis edamame. it looks gross in this picture!

i'm a pretty girl! look at my little pose. also, see, those are the "no loud talking" signs at every table.

andrew & fordmadoxfraud making out. fmf looks cool here.



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