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maybe i'll have some of this wine. hahaha "maybe."

well will you look at this shit! jenny is tucked into bed as of an hour & a half (1:30) ago! came home, hung around, got me to give her a back massage, & then zonk! leaving me...up to no good! i know, i know i said i'd start dealing with my dungeon masterly (DM) duties, & i have a little. i've pretty much finally banged out james' master maker prestige class (PrC). a little bit of the kensai, a little bit of a legend of the five rings (L5R) prestige class. i think it is cute enough, though all of this prestige class making lately is leading me to conclude that home-brewed ones are always way in the large when compared to the ones out of the books. anyhow, gerd informed me just recently that i guess some kiwi is going to come sit in on tommorow's session? no big deal, but it just reminds me that up until five minutes ago (5:00) i didn't really have much of an idea what to DO with tommorow's adventure. something is slowly being licked from the ice, however, & soon we will measure its merit. also, there is this guy M.A.R. Barker? who is apparantly my new idol with this empire of the petal throne game he threw back in the day? sort of a lesser tolkien, from what i'm reading here. i'm going to have to check that guy's shit out. make sure it ain't a load of duck tales.

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