mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

mutiny in the madrassa, said the muazzin from the minaret.

apparantly, everyone is reading monster island. i just grabbed half price indian with iphisol, & she & hannah are about to start a book club about it, littlewashu is having dreams about somalian soldier girls, the whole nine (9) yards. the boys at work are excited about it, too. i guess the back cover blurb is just really enticing? also, zombies & school children is a winning mix. i'm enjoying it plenty-- i'd say it is comparable to battle royale in terms of where it is in my skull. the zombie mythology seems unique, which is something to enjoy. anyhow, yeah, i just grabbed lunch with imogen & her friend jason, who we ran into at the joint. that guy was pretty alright-- it turns out he makes vitamin water. so now i'm home & i will stop staring at neopets & hook myself up with some dnd. lets get it on.

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