mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

after work fordmadoxfraud & i headed into manhattan to meet up for the (apparantly now weekly) chipotle friday. we joined forces with pravda & carla & andrew, & proceeded to quaff the hell out of margaritas & throw m&ms into each other's drinks. then when that scene was played, we stumbled over to the asian pub. which, talk about a played scene! it is funny to watch a bar go through it's entire life cycle. scribble invented the asian pub the first time he was here, with its four dollar ($4.00) lycheetinis & gratis edamame. & it was a ghost town! seriously, tumble weeds! but now i guess nyu has finally made like an amoeba & extended the pseudopod of absorption. that said, we sat outside, & that was a fine thing. when we'd decided "enough is enough!" well...well, andrew & i came up with the idea of convincing david to coerce the girls into going to burp castle. which....succeeded! another fun time in a dissapointing stew. the bar was all a-bubble. it was hard convincing anyone that the "no loud talking" signs weren't a joke! now, to be fair, the first time i was there, i thought they were a joke too. or well, i didn't see them, really, & made noisy shrieks about robotech all night. but at least i got to go there when it was all hushed tones & bartenders in monk's robes. a sun which seems to have set. after that, it was nothing but sharing a beer on the train ride home. & then i was a jack-ass & made jenny angry at me. then she got angrier at me for not making her not mad at me, but also wouldn't accept my apology. anyhow, she forgot all about it this morning, till i brought it up, like a dummy. but i made her a bagel & got her tea for breakfast! so the umpire ruled that it was a tie.

i am reading a book about somali schoolgirl/soldiers, zombies, & druids. it was originally published on the internet.

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