mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

so my one true love got hurt bad & i can't do anything about it! at least i have this big subllimation to take care of it. i mean, i can do the good boyfriend thing to sort of make it better. but of course, being dangerous doesn't help her when i'm not there. i should always be there. i wish i could be. but lucky for me, i have queen super brave as my girlfriend. i don't really have any meat to put on the skeleton. i'm about to finish up this sloppy gin & tonic & go into the bedroom & cuddle my jenny to death. today was pretty much all about the lazy. i discovered a secret! i need the opportunity to kick the door into the secret room open, though-- otherwise, it is too swollen shut. i also hurt myself on the bike attached to the rack. i'm not good at remembering when i get a bruise or scrape, so it is worth noting. then, anyhow, aviva & her husband david came over for what, about half an hour. we talked about neighborhoods & being a master. oh, did i mention the burritos? it was the second pick for me, after kinara (half priced indian!), but still, for fussy jenny, agreeing with me that far is huge for her. uh...that sounds more crazy then i meant it. like i'm criminalizing jenny. which...i'm not! man, i love her! now to bed for me! on the plus side?? bed means jenny! my favorite!!!!

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