mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

suck gas, evildoer!

many soldiers came in attendence of the mordicai annual event. let me just see here! well of course jenny was there, then james & emily, bernie, victoria & jerry & aaron, david & christopher & dante, peter & alicia, dave & wendy, simon, imogen, katja & jeffrey, jason & sarah, kira & nino, & oh, lets not forget scott! i think that is the mostly everyone who showed up to the gate for full frontal nudity. i drank this many gin & tonics with bitters. peter & alicia got me minis, & a pirate patch, & pixie sticks, & a can of muscles from the superhero supply co., & a ninja burger card game. david- get this- david translated the book of revelation from greek for me. so suck on them apples. & my dnd group got me a hideous grimoire! so cheers all around. then jenny whisked me away home at precisely the right moment!

we put our beers in a guitar case that we discovered in the garbage. also, my arms look fat. WITH MUSCLES!
Tags: birthday, photos

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