mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

notorious april 14th.

today's routine was abruptly shattered today when jenny called me as i was opening the store, telling me i had to come to roosevelt island & pick her up, because she'd been sexually assaulted. she's shaken, but not stirred. i came & got her. if anybody sees a young hispanic-looking kid with a blue hat? you should probably kick his ass in a hospital way. actually, i was kind of annoyed by the guy in charge of the library security. he was all "if it was me, i'm just saying, i'd want to find the guy & kick his ass!" & i was all, "well dick, surprise of the century, this isn't about you, nor is it about me & trying to assert my rights over my girl as property, jack ass!" & then i was a good boyfriend instead. which is pretty much what i'm up to now. we went & saw take the lead, & are in apartment limbo for the moment. she says she still wants to have my birthday party tommorow night, so that is on, but i cancelled my dnd game for sunday. so that is how it stands at the moment. also, i probably won't get laid for a while, but thats okay. just, you know, something that occured to me while i was watching television.

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