mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

a while ago i alchemically deduced the root of any possible medical complications & chronic illnesses i could possess. the flaw in my vessel, as it were. but my research was under a flawed assumption! i thought melancholy was wet & cold, while any fool can see that phelemetic is wet & cold. i am not proud of my confusion! though clearly labouring under the cardinal fire sign (april 15th!) does disrupt the balance of my humours. i need to be wet & cold! i refuse to consume things that are dry, or warm. yuck! indeed i say it is so. oh man. i am a big giant baby. 65,000,000 years of whining sissies.

last night:

secret bar (double happiness)
dumplings (exellent dumpling house)
monk bar (burp castle)
secret bar (angel's share)

evilwoods, wisconsinjoe.

dancing (pyramid)
apartment (katja's)
apartment (mordicai's)

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