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i guess things are about to go all kansas-twister on us here, what with the dangerous, erratic weather. first full-out rain storms, then blizzards, & now meteor-showers? well isn't it just an exciting time to be allied with the End Times? i braved out there to fight my way through to various professors for a "hi howdeedo, here's my hat in my hands!" chitter-chat. i guess it shouldn't be surprising that nobody is every in their office hours, or that the people who are there are constantly there. i'm getting quite the rapport with a number of english adjunct hotties! anyhow, i soldiered on from office to office, only finding familiar faces. growl & gnash! also today i chased away a dying pigeon with a broom! i was like a frightened school marm! a witchy spinster!

last night jenny was all twisted up in some mechanical contraption of a mood. a devilish device of whale-bone & crude gears! the solution we landed upon (the dead body of a cachalot) was for me to go out with andrew & bernie & raise a glass to our merry Jack Ketch! & we did have ourselves a jolly roger of a reverie, all clinking & chittering (all hail the hive).

Poll #704696 versus the Old God!

Superman versus Cthulhu

Cthulhu. All are powerless before Cthulhu.
Superman defeats all alien monsters!
Phyrric victory. Superman wins, but life on Earth is anihilated.
Superman literally moves solar systems until the stars are not right.

Darkseid versus Cthulhu

Cthulhu cares not for these New "Gods."
Darkseid chains Cthulhu at the center of Apokalips for fuel.
Cthulhu is the Anti-Life Equation.
Darkseid will not use the Omega Effect on a thing so Beautiful as Cthulhu

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