mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

so, we're watching harry potter & the goblet of fire, & harry & ron have their reconcilliation, right? & jenny just won't stop with the giggles! & then when i ask her about it, she says "i like boys!" she's boy-crazy! i havn't really done as much prep for my game as i would have liked to today, but i did kill a fly! & took a nap, & had sex, so i can't say it has been a total waste of a debauchery recovery day off. i should really be stating up gerd's monsters (which i actually have done a little, but i think the summon monster v fetch needs a little more punch for it's buck. also i should put some fucking work into james' prestige class, but since he slacked off on it as well, i don't feel that bad that i'm sort of sitting on the sidelines. i'll just end up in crunch time tommorow. worth it to spend my time snuggling with jenny. being knackered on your day off is a lot better when you have a girlfriend!

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