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Gappa-pow! Man-o-war of a party last night, all bobbing around on the ocean & stinging shit with its tentacles. Jenny slinked around the apartment (slunk around the apartment?) before telling me that she wasn't coming- she was in a weird way all day about it, I guess? Anyhow, she rocketed off to hang out with Amete while I tick-tocked until fordmadoxfraud showed, & then we machete'd our way over to the Q train. Whoosh! We were off the whosaidilied's halloween bash! or at least it was filled with boys & ghouls! & sundry zes & hearses. It wasn't long after we'd gotten there that littlewashu also rung the bell. Ding! I had printed a bunch of copies of the map of my DnD world just so as to hand them out to participate in the art theme. I am a cog! The video that guy made of the Bear in the Big Blue House singing hip-hop will probably show up as an internet forward or something, I'll bet. It was pretty station. Then nevers undulated her hand while talking about invertebrates, & Evan played "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out" on the banjo & Meister couldn't stop cracking up when ze read hir piece about hir acting coach. iphisol showed up suddenly! Then...on to more drinking! ravenface arrived up with his buddy & his Monica, & we took over the kitchen as Head Quarters & befriended the spritely onthe165. More drinking! I drank so much I got hiccups like Leviathan shaking the Earth. It was a just terrible occurance. Coming home with Imogen & Kerry, I was a mess! Trying to hold my breath & drunk-stumbling & everything. I wasn't plastered, zonked, destroyed, but I was done for the nonce. I stood in the doorway not speaking like a terrifying menace when I got home! Again, I was just trying to soothe my tortured epiglottis!

People might act like it is silly to determine the King by a West Side Story style knife-fight, hands clasped together, but I disagree. Isn't one of the most meaningful responsabilities of any government to protect its constituants? A little climatic violence can really instill faith in leadership, one would think. Listen, all i'm saying is that a little bit of gladiatorial combat could really liven up the Senate, okay?

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