mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

well there are dreams & dreams, you know, & i had some of both last night. cigar in mouth, chomping on the iron filter, fighting a guy in a car. i do pretty well for myself. too much lost on the brain- they'd kidnapped nearly half my hive-tribe! so after i tore apart their car with my hands & my teeth (crack'ed), they gave them back- hung them from the ash tree's outside my window from nooses. thanks for nothing, you low down dirty apes! & some of the other kind, too, slippery like alkaline, bitter in my mouth, thruming at my temples. banging on the door, lemme in, lemme in! oh, & lets not forget, "the gingerbread man," who baked me a pair of sugar-frosted gills.

went to a free whiskey drinking party with fordmadoxfraud last night. apparently i missed the big drunken freak-out of a total stranger while i was outside on the telephone. there was a hammer-head shark on the wall; that part was alright, maybe my favorite part of it? not counting the whiskey. anyhow, we didn't stay there too long after the free booze tapped out; i talked to a crazy jesus guy on the train a little on the way home. he smelled like a hot-dog stand!

guy: do you know what time it is?
david: um, like 7:28?
guy: how do you feel about the patriot act?
mordicai: love it.

guy: jesus is the path to eternal life!
mordicai: so this is really just about you wanting to live forever?

& so on & so forth. then we grabbed some indian food at kinara, & after that, met up with jenny back home for wine & television. which somehow culminated with david deciding he likes america's next top model? it must have been when i made him dress up in my pajamas. that'll to it do you everytime. anyhow, so things got called a night after that. best wikipedia sentence of the day: "Uru is also used in the bits and scoops of the trolls of Asgard, thereby enabling them to dig holes into other dimensions."

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