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also, the red power ranger is a porn star.

strange dreams about bridges & miscarriages. "don't blame the bridge for the city that they built under it!" bridges some ur-architecture, troll-ancient, there since long before men crawled out of mud. no one else knows that she's been pregnant & lost it last night. it is ten years after, & everyone has moved on & about. forgotten everyone else, unless their orbits collapsed into binary. so i'm all about sneaking onto the aircraft carrier & sailing back to australia. the bridges behind lit up like a ship in port. they break a bottle of champagne on them! also, i had forgotten until just now, but something totemic about lobsters.

yesterday dante came over bright & early to shoot his film school project. then christie, & christopher & his new girl laura (late, of course) showed up to be stars. filming went pretty quickly, & we were over with me only being a little bit late for my dnd game. when it was a "wrap," we drank a few beers & played at dice. the moral of that story is that a) number one this atlanta girl of christopher's is okay in my book & b) number two i came up with a gambling game where the stakes were basically based on eating the bad flavors of the bertie bott's every flavour jelly beans. last place had to eat vomit, second to last was sardines, runner-up was pepper & winner got dirt. trust me, getting dirt is a good thing- especially compared to the vomit. so we played that, which was pretty much a blast, & then i was off to go to my d&d game.

i got promoted to captain! & not just as a meaningless rank- i got a spelljammer for my troubles. it is all souped up! so now i'm going to build (& take levels) in the "courageous captain!" prestige class. which tom, after (wisely) complaining about too many star trek jokes, summed up as the captain kirk captain. i'm going to be all ship-boarding & stuff. basically a full base attack bonus class that gets skirmish features every other level, while the other every levels are related to ship-things. for instance, i think the first level power is something i am basically going to crib from the dragon rider PrC in dragonomicon, basically increasing the manuverability catagory of the ship by one step when i am on it. just sort of cute, right? & storywise, we released the energy of the incarnafex! which i like a lot, because mike has worked it in cosmologically in a way that validates an earlier character of mine.

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