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hello halo!

i was going to go to ikea today with katja today, on an adventure! but she just called & said she couldn't make it, so now i am a free agent once more! so far today i havn't done much of anything. i cleaned up a little bit, which is one thing. two thing, i stat-ed up my cohort. see, splensherr, my orc cleric of threncula cohort? died. but rather than sweat it, he just came back to unlife as a wraith. i gave him the elite array & swapped his feats around--i gave him improved turn resistance & ability focus (constitution drain) instead of blind fight & combat reflexes. anyhow, i should be looking at the stronghold builders guide to try to come up with enhancements for our spelljammer, but instead i'm mister freeze! i have to live in this glass jar! anyanyhow, i'm a cupfull of bees right now, so maybe going into public is kind of a bad idea? or not, maybe it is a good idea, a great idea, a phenomenal idea. we finished lost last night, so we're all caught up to current continuity. i was thoughtless & cruel!

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