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so there is something that has been bothering me for a couple of weeks now, but i didn't (& don't) really know how to go about discussing it. batgirl is now over as a series. furthermore, it left on a sort of " more!" note, which is pretty fucking wrenching. i really had a thing for cassandra cain as batgirl. she brought something new to the role. now what? even if they don't sort of neglect her out of continuity, what? she can be another anonymous martial artist? 'cause that worked out so well for richard dragon. how many lady shivas does the dcu need? but i mean. clearly nobody had any idea what to do with her, but my fondness for the begining of the run is strong. her as the batdaughter, as the girl so completely devoted to the job that she doesn't even conceive of batman having an identity outside of the cape & cowl? as the strange, autistic combat genius? sure, lady shiva does toss out a remark about how batgirl never used her utility belt, & she didn't. but see, that is room for storytelling! cassandra cain as batgirl is a compelling figure with stories to have written about her. but cassandra cain, wandering kung-fu chick, daughter of so-&-so (because really, even if you make cain a "big badass," he's still not up to the snuff of the capes) & lady shiva...yawn. nobody cares about that shit. i certainly don't. give me back my cassie. give her back to me.

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