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so kingtycoon left me a message baffled that i might ever talk about food, at my distance from my previously "spartan" attitudes regarding it. which, to be fair, spartan was never really the right word. i just mostly hate eating with a passion. i hate being hungry even more, but man, the act of eating, outside of the biting & chewing, it is just so...not for me. but now i'm all stupidly self-concious about talking about food. like-- well, this morning i decided that the new breakfast food should be lemongrass soup. like a digestive! sounds smashing by all accounts, especially since i especially hate american breakfast food, all sausage & eggy. blech. but the real problem here is that food is a stupid, meaningless small talk item. i don't give a fuck about food, not even really as an anecdote (unless it is pill food). so what the fuck is wrong with me that my diarist introspection has gone the way of the minor leauges? fuck that shit, fuck it all raw & sandy.

you want to know another thing that isn't a surprise to any one? the only song off the new jenny lewis that i really like is "big guns." right, you're taken aback with amazement! see, what the fuck is that? i don't know. i'm still very creative. but i funnel most of it into my dungeons & dragons game. maybe i should start posting about that some more. i should really record more of it, instead of letting it float around out there nebulously. except too much exegenesis means any number of clever eye-d player characters could get a hold of sensitive information! or it could get stolen! oh crippling paranoia! speaking off, i keep going buggy in the evenings, head a-swirl with hate & black smoke. angels peeking in through the shutters. jenny, sure, she's a talisman, but i'm just supposed to hold her up against them? that isn't fair to anyone. i should start freaking out in prospect part. that seems about right. i always have had a thing for tossing my cookies underneath trees. i'm a wood sprite! except we all know i'm a dark sprite. with scissors.

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