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my stupid telephone alarm (because i rely on my cell phone to guide my circadian rhythms) woke me up right at the moment i was about to have a sex dream about jenny. we were all in the shower, doing drugs off each other's bodies, weird drugs with silly names like nova coke & one-horned horse. right as it was about to get good! i'm not in too much of a tizzy though; the other night, after we got drunk off the margaritas at chipotle, we came home into a collision, & then sunday was the actual fucking in the shower, her bent over the sink & holding on. so like i said, i'm not agonizing. the other night, i dreamt that jenny & i had a baby, & when the baby was born it was about two & a half (2.5, 2 1/2, 2'6") feet long. because see, it was a nephilim baby, half son of god, half daughter of man.

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