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you know, i think i've figured out what makes professor watkins attractive. & i mean, it isn't like i have some kind of crush on her, she's not mega-hot, but she does have a sort of quality that makes you notice her when you, for instance, ride in the same train car as her. i think it is just that she has a "good head of hair." i think that is it. her blonde thing is very solid, very affirming of genetic viability. that is at least my theory on the subject. also, i have been sort of looking at the new dnd book magic of incarnum, which looked to be so much shit from the promotional stuff. & it isn't great (in fact, certain elements are pretty awful, like glowing blue soul energy), but it has some interesting stuff. mostly the chakras & the totemist. the incarnate isn't terrible, but is a little too much the bland, vanilla dnd of a paladin or cleric for me, whereas the totemist, while being very "dnd", has its own thing. using the classic monsters from the monster manual as totemic exemplars is kind of interesting. i can't weigh in on the mechanics yet, since i still have to plough through them.

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