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"...& then we drank the cooking sherry, & felt bad about it."

"um, are you mordicai?" because i am you know! the rootin'est, tooten'est, goledarn wicked'est gunslinger & textbook liaison this side of the east river. that is what the inter-razzi & stalkers are all about me, you know. at least, that is the rumor that i heard around the proverbial water cooler. i was totally spotted by downgrounded as a warholian celebrity! or, i guess momusian? momumian? but did you notice how i slid my title in there? "textbook liaison." i'm going to have bussiness cards! & a tidy sum of ducats. +15 real boy points for this wooden soldier, black fairy. also, last night i hung out with fordmadoxfraud & brainstormed writing proposals. in mordicai-land, brainstorming is code for periodically shouting about dinosaurs. which, at 65,000,000 years old...sorry about that fall-from-a-great-height mythology, but i had to crash somewhere! bringing an end to the age of dragons. i'm such a fucking jerk, even i'm dissapointed. because dinosaurs are sweet, & really, if you are an epic level druid, there isn't any reason you shouldn't be riding around on one. all day. to the bank.

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