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haha, i'm stealing jenny's mojo! but only because it charms me to do so. i finished this today after reading it almost entirely on the subway. so, i really, really disliked elementry particles, let me say first off. i mean, a lot. i also enjoyed this essay, but not in a way that makes me think i would ever in the slightest want to try another go at houlley's fiction. mostly i enjoyed the characterization of lovecraft the guy- what a fuck up! i largely disagree with houllebecq's acceptance of lovecraft's attitudes on sex. sure, howard talks about how disinteresting it is. & i do think that commentaries on lovecraft tend to make overmuch of gender issues. which is to say, i think lovecraft is genuinely horrified by sex, but that it isn't the big deal it is made out to be. for instance, the cthulhu = vagina critique. i gotta say, i think cthulhu is supposed to be genuinely indescribable. that said, i think cthulhu is a sex metaphor, but mostly because, being unable to describe the unspeakable, he falls back know, cunt. anyhow, the really stand out part of this essay was houllebecq's dissection of lovecraft's racism. that was pretty great, actually. i'd recommend it. & i know my lovecraft criticism! okay, well not really. but kind of!

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