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you've got to keep moving to keep them away from your glass jaw.

we don't need no stinking caesar! sure the door was broken, but then the "man of the house" came along & fixed it! & lemme tell you, it was a tricky operation. yep, i don't think anyone less than a prime example of masculinity could of deduced quite how to repair things in that venue. i sure am clever. which, speaking of clever, is buffy the vampire slayer's last name "summers" because of montague summers' occult treatise vampires & vampirisim? i recently picked it up, after having been meaning to for some time. i also got robert e. howard's bran mak morn, whom i did not realize was the last civilized pict. so that should be interesting. grabbed a copy of stephenson's cryptonomicon only after it dawned on me that i didn't own it when i tried to get jenny to read it. also of course my books from the strand prank were a british book on alchemy by diana fernando & a dictionary of demons by mack & mack. the book i ORDERED yesterday was some scholarship on the voynich manuscript; the actual facsimile edition of the voynich manuscript just came out in french last year. at fifty (50) euros, i'm keeping my fingers crossed for april 15th, right? unlike the stupid codex serapinus which can't be found on the cheap at all. anyhow, i like books, & if neal stephenson's "phile" structure of social organizaton catches on? i figure i could be in an "alexandrian" group with jenny. see, i have a jenny to take into account, otherwise i'd probably be in something a little more 'core. maybe i would anyhow!

jenny was a real star all weekend, what with cleaning up the apartment & running errands & what have you, but president's day took the mexican hat prize. sure, she went shopping & bought a lot of food- that is one of the downsides. see, i like to bring her food. i'm the breadwinner! i'm an exellent hunter! you should mate with me! also, keeping her helpless & unable to fend for herself means she can't ever leave me or she will die. but when i come home to her making pot roast & asparagus, i can't really complain that much (i'm pretty sure). then after we finished, we had some good old fashioned sex. & it was really exeptional sex! we took our time with everything, & did tricks with mouthfuls of wine. it was very much evokative of when i would come to visit, before i lived here. maybe that is just me. i'm not cheese enough to wax poetic about it, but the matter of fact of it was that it was awfully nice.

the plans for monday evening were to hang out with ivana & stephanie, two girls from ohio that i used to go out with all the time who were visiting new york. ivana used to date brandon, if that isn't the funniest thing that i always forget. this was back when brandon was selling meth, so i wasn't really hanging out with him at the time, but it is still hillarious to me. also i just found out last night that ivana went to high school with danielle! which, okay no surprise that ivana didn't like her. nobody does besides syncophants & me. stephanie i didn't really know as well as ivana, but they were flatmates, so it wasn't like we didn't hang out. anyhow, christopher & bernard came over while we were waiting for the girls to make the trek into brooklyn. we drank wine, physick, & watched the short film jenny made, fairytale follies. eventually, after many years of solitude, the girls showed up. i gave them the nickle tour of the joint & then we headed over to loki. it was "low key" haw haw; i drank gin & tonics & jenny drank whiskey sours. we just sat on the couches & ran our mouthes. nothing big, except that bernie appointed himself christopher's gay uncle, trying to get him drunk so he'd hit on stephanie. which he did but not to much avail.

last night was basically the same, but with different actors & scenes. or well, actually, a lot of the same actors. it was a sequel! david & i came back to my place to eat some of the leftovers from the pot roast & so as i could set the vcr to record gilmore girls. we ran into tom on the way, but he wasn't coming out. we got back here & started looking into submitting writing to various role playing game companies. eventually we decided "fuck it," & went into manhattan to infringe on jenny's space. she was meeting a friend of hers from high school who she hadn't seen in a coon's age, at the asian pub, which is a solid effing venue for meeting with people. we got there (david & i), ate some edamame & kimchee, drank some martini's, christopher showed up, jenny & her friend matt left, & then still...more waiting! it turns out that maybe i remember waiting for the girls to get ready back in ohio. waiting & waiting. & then finally, there they were! we got some drinks at the asian pub, got turned away at the door of burp castle, & then settled into angel's share. i guess we got yelled at for having more than four people...oh no! suck it up & welcome the elite to your little rinky-dink operation. man, i always feel damn smoothe taking people to angel's share. all slipping through restraunts going through unmarked doors. damn right. also, watching christopher talk about hip hop in pidgin english with the japanese guys working at the sushi bar outside. see, i told him to vanish so the girls could conspire! into stephanie making out with christopher. you are welcome! then, the mta fucked with me. i don't want to fucking think about it.

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