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the blizzard of ought six ('06) came & i drank champagne.

gnashing, baby, you know what i mean? snicker-snack, which i guess was the sunday watch word. a big old near-miss on the total party kill, which makes for two sort of bang-up sessions in a row. the fall out from that on my end is that i'm kinda obligated to give then some rewards at this point (which i'm not adverse to, once i figure out what to give them). on their end, i hope it sort of sinks in that maybe, just maybe, sometimes a calculated retreat is in the cards. there was a whole lot of slugging when there should've been running. but hey man, the whole city is just all fortress of solitude right now, you know? one big brick of ice, which i can't case any shade on. came through a few ice ages to get here; glaciars that ate right through magog. listen, i don't know what to tell you. alicia spelt out my roman sigil in snow but it didn't hopewell mound as i had my fingers crossed it would. i've been bringing the flag of black iron to foreign shores, planting swords in hearts, spreading the empire. but my capsule has returned here, though with less fury than i first struck.

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