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in an effort to avoid talking about homocidal angels (esp. yours truely) this evening, i bring to you a brief media review: the skeleton key. this is a movie that addresses racial misconceptions. for instance, how white people from new jersey & black people from new orleans are both afraid of botanicas. it is also a movie about how you could keep your magical dead babies in your attic, but probably some stupid bitch would fuck it up, but in the end, you'd just possess her or whatever. kate hudson is in it, & i drunkenly decided that i find her attractive when i saw her naked back. in retrospect, it was a pretty good back. in this movie there are a total of: 0 angels 2 ghosts 0 cryptids.

also another program which i have recently seen is carnivale. carnivale is maybe about a whole lot of angels, so forget about it.

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