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i imagine the curves of her naked body are what the vikings saw when they first caught sight of america.

last night after work kromelizard & i met up with pravda & astrad at kiku for a double date. i did like the place a whole lot, as i suspected. i had an empire roll, which was some eel concoction with fried roe on top, & some assorted a la carte. jenny had the valentine's roll, which had apple in it! also, she had a peanut roll, which is basically a payday candybar. alicia had a green dragon roll, which breathes corrosive gas, & peter has a shashimi combo deal. we also had one million (1,000,000) pitchers of sake, even though the bill said we had five. i think someone was comping us! shh! then on the way back we saw a bunch of kids chasing a demonic creature with red skin & horns! oh shit! "oni wa soto!" get him, you kids! it is that one japanese day to chase demons with beans for good luck! setsubun! anyhow, then we went over to peter & alicia's to watch the terrible, terrible wedding crashers & drink gin. then, finishing a beer as we walked home, & then, dropping clothes all over the living room. while i lay there in the morning thinking of romantic things to say to her, instead, more sex! the frontiers of sex, in fact. now, for research!

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