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& now i just totally had a crush on the tall girl with glasses who was returning her core four (4) book & (not buying, since we didn't have it) looking for her core ten (10) book. i totally had a crush on that girl with the huge pupils just now. then i was like "what the fuck is going on with all these girls, dammit?!" i realized it is that thing i do, where i've just been real busy & sleepy lately, so through my own neglect, i feel traumatized that jenny isn't paying any attention to me. wait a moment! you can shove off down the styx, abandonment complex! i'm holding this old iron-clad together! i'll show you moniter! anyhow, tonight peter & alicia are going out on a double date with us. then we both have saturday off together, & then a sunday brunch with carla & andrew & mrs. carla before i go off to my game. that should mitigate the lonesome desolate space-station of my chest. quick! aliens....go forth! multiply! ALIENS!!!!! I LIKE YOU, ALIENS!!!!

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