mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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FUCK! i can't get stupid cortney out of my brain! i was shelving books & looking for professor courtney's class, repeating "courtney, courtney, courtney..." over & over, right? then i started thinking about how weird it is that, used to be i would say "cortney" more often than a whole lot of other words, than most words even, besides like, "like," or "i," or "angels." then all of a sudden, i almost never say "cortney," or "courtney," or any thing. just a weird word-shaped lacunae. but now i can't get freaking cortney off my mind! i even tried calling jenny to rattle it out, but she was in a meeting, & she never remembers to call me back when she gets out of them. so now i'll just have this squeeky mouse-wheel rolling in my head for a while. great.

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