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hello darkness! i guess there are perks to this early morning wake-up gig after all! dreams light night ran the gamut of the mundane. no special messages through the trephenation hole. in one, jenny was sleeping in the bathtub. in another, the longer one, i climbed down the different layers of my memory palace, a trick made possible since i was a god. along the way the muse kept changing shape, a girl shaped flame. the deeper down within my mind, the more i could do whatever i wanted to reality, until eventually it became clear why the olympians acted like such lunatics, true to their nature. it wasn't a particularly profound or beautiful dream, but it had making out in it & a sort of pithy cinema to it that was fun. now time to don the mask of the helpful bookstore boy! more powerful than a locomotive! faster than a student can pull out a syllabus! able to leap tall bookshelves in a single bound! oh did i mention that when cops came yesterday, i got called a liar for saying i was in the back when the incident happened? i was! i also wasn't even there for the other part that the guy said i was there for, & i didn't say what that kid said i said! fun times at the junction!

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