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i'm just sleepy, okay? i've been working these eleven (11) hour days, & i've got to wake up at eight (8 am) tommorow, & plus, these nightmares? not that i am officially complaining, right? david has twelve (12) hour days to my eleven, but then, that is why he gets paid the big bucks. so now is the time where i work a lot. things are still pretty interesting, since talking or whatever is sort of a geek tradition. lately i've been challanged on my "only superman can defeat zod" stance. listen, captain marvel can't even comprehend the brutality general zod brings to a fight. as to batman? the scene goes thus:

panel: batman sits at the computer in the batcave.
"bzzz, bzz"
"clark? zod has escaped? how long do we-"

panel: general zod stands on a hill over looking gotham

panel: general zod kneels & punches the ground

panel: the batcave collapsing

also, i decided that in my though-project of ultimate dcu, zod cracking the batcave is the reason behind no man's land.

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