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"anyhow, i've been really good lately. shock & awe!"

i've switched days off, so now i work fridays & have saturdays off. this being my first saturday not working. which i'm not really counting, because i'm being haunted by the responsibility of doing laundry. whoo-hoo, howls that grim owl. but for now i'm at least afforded the luxery of goofing around, thinking about my dungeons & dragons game. i've never really put down a firm heirarchy for the vellic church, which i kind of need to do. just so i can have it there to be had. i know that the top spiritual authority is the pontiff, that is easy enough, & that the pontiff appoints the temporal authorities, the polemarches. also that the pontiff's weird second in command, the viceroy, takes care of a bunch of weird responsibilities (like determining new astrological symbols along the 8 degree swath of the sky that the sun crosses). also, i am thinking that the assembly of those who determine which church official moves up in ranks will be caused the ecclesia. see, i've got all these messes floating through my head. but i'm in a pretty decent mood. i've made dinner for jenny these past two nights. when i came in bearing tulips & groceries she said "what did you do?"

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