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i haven't shaved or clipped my nails in the year two thousand & six yet.

even i'm sick of drunken mordicai two-liners. shut up about it! when you talk about things with these tired metaphors, people think you are being wise, when really you are just ranting about yourself & your little phantasmagory menagerie. & when you talk about dungeons & dragons, people think you are being a geek, instead of using it as an excuse to obsess about your personal mythology. o toy soldier! you even do things! you talked about blackpowder hunting & zombies with tom all last night, how about that? then another time, i'm pretty sure you did something else. but what do we get besides a litany of pithy jerk-off remarks. you poor boy with your affect problems- you can't tell the diffrence between drunk & sad! as if there was a difference! why don't you go fuck around on the internet reading about the scoville scale on wikipedia or something, instead? it is imperative to learn about the measured hotness of spicy foods!

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