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the most important plot point of my "i'm going to be the fucking joker!" jag was that i was going to kidnap someone & then, instead of tying them up, i was just going to super-glue them together. not a little, i mean, a lot of the adhesive. but then i'd be all, "come on, you can get free! all you have to do is tear your skin a little! i'm pretty sure you'll be okay! they have skin grafts! i don't really know what 'skin grafts' mean, & i know burn victims still look fucked up, but i'm pretty sure you'll be fine! fight back!" then i talked about opening up a needle exchange program where, for every empty syringe, i'd give one filled with heroin & one filled with half heroin & half bleach. not so much for the 50/50 as for the post-successful junkie being all "uh...i'm pretty sure 1/2 bleach isn't that bad. i could probably be fine." 'cause see, the joker is a master chemist. which is why sloppy, easy solutions work best. hilight him at his wickedest. although i have to say, tim burton's make-up fiasco is up there with my favorite joker heists of all time. right up there with the time i he tried to patent all the fish in gotham because he'd dumped SMILEX into the harbor. man, i am so nuts for that.

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