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living by myself? but who is going to help me drink all this VODKA??? all these MUTANT WOLVES???

i should really be updating shit for this sunday dnd session. i really should be making up stats for emma's summon monster iii guys. the fetch iii, the get of chernobog iii, & the ceasurrus i, ii, & iii. but making rules for things is so limiting! i suppose i must, for those things which pass to the other side of the dungeon master's screen. i'm anxious to usher them out into the open air, get them back into the meat & potatoes of the story. by meat, i mean beef, & by potatoes i mean tamales. lots of cows & corn around blaine, you betcha baby. i think they're leaning towards going to westcastle to see elias & heathcliffe, as well as for other purposes. anyhow, i've started reading latro in the mists, so i'll probably be ripping that off for story ideas, but don't tell anybody. sign a nondisclosure agreement, quick! i mean, i did! i read it all through first, like a responsible creature!

it might be worthy of note that i'm neglecting to do an "ex-girlfriends of ohio" follow up post. sorry, soldiers. i didn't really get a chance to talk to cortney, or at least not one on one. i mean, we made our snide, sharks circling comments while everyone was playing dance dance revolution. & i played a heart song at the bar's juke box for her. & she drunkenly kissed the crown of my head when she left. but while nice to see her, it was sort of unfufilling. not like i couldn't write a laundry lists of unfufilled things for us two. afterwords, nichole came over & we sort of bonded. she called me on sunday to give me an update on her life! how cute is that. anyhow, i'm making a mix cd for cortney to replace the one i gave to pam to spite her. to spite cortney, i gave it to pam out of fickle favor (& spite).

i'm sure morose when jenny isn't here to take care of me. also? my sword? or its style? the reason they coined the term swashbuckler.

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