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hail to those who are dead.

hong-kong money, babies! i had to sign a non-disclosure agreement today, did you? & wild horses couldn't drag those secrets from my lips! they had me sit in a mic'ed room with a one-way mirror & everything! i was grilled! how much fun is THAT? top agent, thats what they'll say. spy smasher! then they'll give me ANOTHER unmarked envelope filled with unmarked bills. seriously, how fucking sweet was that shit? then i ran into chance playing his guitar in a subway station & so ran off the train to shoot the shit with him for a little bit.

last night i hung out with katja. i was boring, but that was okay.

the night before that, we had a much over-due make-out (oops! make-up!) session of my dungeons & dragons (oops! mazes & mordicai!) game for gerd/emma & james/garrick. emma carver is a conjurer of creatures most foul, who summons horrors from her mirrors & from the very dark itself. garrick blaine is a soldier in the employ of the canny heathcliffe, as large as an ox & as strong as one too. no "little dragon" he! they have, along with balphus lore (screw-loose karnak necromancer & know-it-all) & itsle atahwa (karnak courtesan prodigy extradordinaire & tantric guru) of late been exploring a cavern complex of my creation which is apparently "vast." now, having reconnected with heathcliffe's Irregulars as lead by neville stocton roe, they will exchange the rescued children with them & delve once more into the horrific secrets of the TOMB OF VANAPAGAN!

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