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i guess the crazies have taken a chill pill. which is to say, i've run out of alcohol in the apartment. which is to say that the time for escapism & fantasy is nigh. played in martak's game yesterday for the requisite 8 hours. but only after i had beaten four colossi the day before, 'cause, fuck yeah. toughlad bought shadow of the colossus last week but is not demanding his playstation 2 back on account of i need it more. so thats something to do. beat the 5th one last night. before being unable to fall asleep. not from the broken-heads, but just from the small dreads of the little death. toss & turn. lots of dreams about evil stained glass. okay! i'll take that, ain soph. tonight it is off to slowertwin after work, for who knows what sort of hello-how-are-yous. that'll be nice. then tuesday, i'm running a make-up session for james/garrick & gerd/emma. they're going to explore further the parts of the dungeon where the children were being kept, & find out what happened to buck serjeant neville stocton roe & the rest of his irregulars. so i've got to put some skin on that there, today. saturday i'm getting together with tom to help him out with his one-shot adventure for his dungeon master debut. then of course next sunday we return to the house that mordicai built in further mazes & mordicai madness.

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