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so olive is all off having her life. fuck that! jenny was saying is it only a year since i met her in the flesh? & i mean. i'm sort of the paragon of counting internet & telephon contact as "real." but listen! i'm sort of all kinds of broken hearted that olive's move to new york plan is kind of going transparent. i mean, she's sort of off the hook by reconciling me & ekat, but i don't know. i was sort of dumb. i was kind of unfair with the life planning bussiness. expecting that the pro-babylon vibe had infinite legs. i mean, it even took me years to move here, & i had everything here. i just. i guess i just get troubled when olive has a good time in europe. listen honey! your life is supposed to suck, so i can make it better! this is very important to me now, because my girlfriend isn't around, & i'm desperately lost. i mean, not so much, really. like, my weird terrifying hallucination rating is 0%. unless you count on the airplane, but i don't, because i think maybe it was just a reflection on the inside of my glasses.

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