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now i'm getting angry about paradise lost.

baal-brooklyn's secrets of knives are not for the faint of heart! oh, but so, okay, antonio is shipping my cut n' thrust sword to my work. that is sort of a pretty tolerable runner up prize to the no-shotgun debacle of 2006. thanks for nothin' new york city! i guess i'll stick to my old fashioned killer-by-hand modus operandi. once again forced to rely on my talons. & you call this empire civilized. i suppose legalized dueling would help, right? man, when i first found out about purposefully missing when duelling with pistols? it all came together. man, i'm sort of bothered that i can be bothered to draw anything beautiful out of my throat. i guess also maybe it is upon me to try to sum up my time in ohio. which i'm not keen to do quite yet. i think i saw every girl i've ever liked. jenny was jealous for a minute, which is totally unfair insofar as i'm the crazy one. & then when i got home there was a postcard in our mailbox from her ex! talk about handling a live grenade! wait, i was talking about jenny! she's not here for two weeks. my personal goal is to not feed it into my abandonment complex. like- she, in a big way, pumped it full of steroids. i mean, the genesis of the thing lies in a shot out of heaven, right? so when she anchored it down to earth, that was a big mess. but see, this ain't like that, it ain't like that at all. it ain't the same. even a little. this is our home, & she's just away from it. see, it is OURS. my girlfriend.

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