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by gaslight (& the kitchen sink)

when alone on the train or an airplane or a bus? i sit there furiously hating whomever i'm sitting next to. no matter how far away from me they are. for whatever reason. so i've spent most of the important parts of today like that. hating. a useful part of my soul, at work! i like to pretend that everything got a little bit better as soon as the bus entered the lincoln tunnel. i draw magical powers from the land! geomancy? not really. that is the thing of someone else. dracula, i guess. i don't really know for sure. i'm not in such a bad mood, but the weird casual sleep schedule of ohio has gotten in, infecting me with sleeplessness. jenny's napping addiction sure is alluring when the only other options are, i don't know, not being with jenny while she naps. we had an electric blanket! it was made out of 1000 eels, sewn jaws to tail. i ran into christopher on the street up here. so there we are. that was a handy little anchor. at least i'm not floating about my apartment caught between two worlds.

in case you were curious, my 13th level star wars d20 character? is soldier 3, dark side marauder 5, dark force witch 2, sith acolyte 2, sith lord 1.

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