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the geek report.

having beaten the everliving fuck out of ico, i've moved on. sort of. i done told that bitch not to fuck with yorda! then she had to go & do it. i fucking WARNED her. so yeah, i spent sunday morning breaking back into the castle so as to show that bitch the bussiness end of a magic sword. sure, i killed the souls of a bunch of horned boys just like me. well- they got in my way. i recomend never doing that. i've stepped over the bodies of better than you to get here. have i waxed rhapsodic here about yorda, or ico in general? man, she's made of fucking light! she is pretty much what the word "biolumenescence" would be if it were a beautiful girl. that is the real brilliance of the game. or, the "absurd masterpiece" as i called it to jenny one night. that this girl, who is basically helpless, is not a burden but a treasure. give me a stick & i'll do whatever it takes to protect that girl against any horde of shadows. because make no mistake. the very darkness itself craves her. i sympathise. but having washed up on a beach with her, the time has come for an end. god of war is a pleasure to play. whuppin' the crap outta hydras n' harpies n' shit is cool. i'm about to climb up into pandora's temple, which is afixed to the titan kronos' back. whatever. fantastic gameplay. the real winner is the legend of zelda: the minish cap. shit, i'm fucking addicted to that game. i mean, pick it up on the train, at work. okay, some of it is addiction to the new toy, sure. but i hava a motherfucking talking magical hat! do you, asshole? if not, then i'd say you'd best listen to zach-attack & "step off!"

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