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"johnny wants to take you down the road, & get you a job, & an apartment, so johnny has somewhere to eat & somewhere to...sleep when he visits."

here i am as johnny, aka "oh johnny!", the timeless infinity biker from the young romance play. i travel through time picking up chicks & then dumping them at vic's diner when i'm done with them. the red-head is madge, who is followed by the brunette on my other side, who is doris. the one in the middle is holly st. jade, aka "bird girl." she's pretty much the main character of the play.

"& gets to take me to the international zoo grand opening costume gala tonight."

this is my character steel trapp, aka "steel's games, man." in the 80's, i'm i guess the sex game guru of a office that is constantly cusping on orgy. i come up with games to play in bed like "gulliver's sister" or "oliver & the artful dodger." in the end, i get sick of my co-workers & refuse to take any of them to the international zoo grand opening costume gala.

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